Vintage Heuer Autavia Panda 73663 Gay Freres Bracelet Valjoux 7736


Heuer Autavia 73663 Valjoux 7736


The most iconic vintage Heuer, the Autavia. Initially developed and targeted to those in Automotive and Aviation industry, hence the name Autavia, the Autavia went on to be extremely well know in the Racing industry. One of the key innovations of the Autavia was the rotating bezel, which went on to create multiple uses for the Autavia line, of which the most iconic being the Tachymeter.

This particular watch that we’re offering for sale is the 3rd Gen Autavia with the manual wind Valjoux 7736 Chronograph movement. The watch is all original with is Gay Freres bracelet, Heuer crown and grooved pushers. The watch has a rotating Tachymeter bezel with obvious signs of wear but still clicks crisply. I can’t say for sure that the watch has never been polished but the sun beam brush finish is still prominent on the front of the case. The dial has aged into a light beige┬ácolor with the sub hands a slight off white. The dial has very minor marks and all can be seen in the pictures. The bracelet has a fair amount of wear to the clasp and slightly stretched links but common for a watch that has been worn a fair amount of times. If you’re after an incredibly iconic piece with a gorgeous aged panda dial, this this is the watch for you. We’ve also had the watch fully serviced so you can expect it to be running seamlessly.

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