WWII Buren Dirty Dozen WWW Cal 462 Wristwatch


Buren WWII Dirty Dozen WWW Watch


If this watch could talk, you could write a book. Imagine staring down onto the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, the sound of gun fire and bombs all around you. Working up the courage to get off the boat, swim ashore and fight for your country.

With WWII being one of the most extreme wars the world has ever faced, soldiers needed an extreme and reliable watch to get them through it. This called for the first watch to be commissioned by the British MoD, with strict standards. Introducing the Dirty Dozen. 12 watch companies created exceptionally rugged wrist watches to survive the tortures of war. Watches needed to be accurate, legible and water proof, with the term WWW, Watch, Wrist, Waterproof.

It is an absolute marvel that this watch survived such a war but here it is available for purchase, the Buren Dirty Dozen wristwatch. The watch is housing the Buren Grand Prix cal 462 movement. The case shows the signs of war with wear, scratches and marks. The dial has a few marks but is still in great condition for the age. The dial and hands have a compound. The crown is original. The watch comes with two nato straps, a beige and an olive green strap.  Due to the age of the watch and lack of shock protection, we recommend a service. This watch would be a great piece for any watch collector.


The dial is matte black in color. The hour markers are painted beige Arabic numerals and compound. The Hour, Minute and Seconds are silver in color with the Hour and Minute hand having orange compound. The seconds are a subdial at the 6 o’clock position.


Diameter: 36.4

Thickness: 12.1mm

Lug Width: 18mm

Case Material: Base metal plated

Strap Material: Canvas

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