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  The SAAF Lemania 5012 A Rare, Exclusive Military Issue. SAAF HISTORY The South African Airforce is one of the oldest air forces in existence. Established in 1920, it issued watches to its pilots from the 1940’s to the late 80’s, when budget constraints put an end to pilots being issued with time pieces. Many...
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  TROY WATCH WORKS       The Troy Watch Works was a South African watch retailer operating from one location in Johannesburg, on the corner of Eloff and Pritchard street- In the Johannesburg Central Business District. The company was a retailer for many brands, but most notably Lemania, for which they were the sole...
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South African Miner’s Award Watches Ernest Borel Chamber of Mines Watches Throughout the 20th century, wristwatches were awarded to employees of mines for their long service, for winning competitions and on rare occasions, for acts of bravery too. No watchmaker was more established in the South African mining community than Ernest Borel– The watches were...
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