SAAF Lemania 1872



South African Air Force Lemania 1872


The Lemania 1872 was introduced to the South African Air Force in 1971, a total of 630 SAAF 1872s were issued until 1976.

The five limited batches produced for the South African Air Force had slight differences, one being smaller Arabic numerals and another, A ‘crows foot’ marking- This is the earliest of the two batches, according to the serial numbers numbers on the 1872 movements.

This rare bird has the SAAF number stamped into the caseback, although it is only visible in the right light. The watch was very likely used by an SAAF pilot- An amazing historic significance which is not present in any modern watches and making it a great piece to have. This watch may have been in active service during the Angolan Border war (23 year war) in South-West Africa.


Not many of these Lemania workhorses escaped the Air Force in such great condition, Often sustaining damage to dials, cases and hands- If they made it out at all. The matte black dial on this watch is in amazing condition (As visible in the pictures).

The light colour of the bezel can be attributed to the Ultra Violet which would have been very present in the cockpit of a Mirage III Fighter Jet underneath the African sun, a factor in the aging of many vintage watch dials and bezels.


Circa: 1972

Thickness: 13mm

Width: 40.5mm

Length: 47.5mm

Lug Width: 20mm

Case Material: Steel