1940s Rolex Oyster Perpetual Bubbleback



The Rolex Bubbleback is well known and admired by collectors across the globe for being the first automatic Rolex, easily visible by the thick caseback incorporating the ‘Perpetual’ Mechanism. This gorgeous two-tone example is comprised of steel and a rose gold bezel which, along with the uncommon Rolex hands, makes this watch stand apart from the majority of the 3133s on the market. The glass and crown of the watch are original, the crown has worn and is tough to screw down, but has not been changed.


Arabic numerals on every even number of the dial and rectangular lume markers representing the odd numbers display the hours on this dial. The luminous compound on the dial has aged to a darker colour and the dial has small, age-related dots which have formed around the edge of the dial, visible in the pictures.


Age: Circa 1948

Thickness: 14mm

Width: 32mm

Height: 39mm

Lug Width: 18mm

Case Material: Steel and Rose Gold




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