OriginTime sources some of the best timepieces which South Africa has to offer.

We aim to provide timepieces which don’t just look good, but also share with you their heritage – Whether it was a dress watch painstakingly created and beautifully finished by one of Switzerland’s greatest watchmakers, only used for the most prestigious occasions and events… Or a rugged, reliable sports watch, used by a professional diver to time their activities underwater, below immense pressure and at the mercy of the sea, with the ever-present danger of decompression sickness if they stayed underwater for too long.

This Omega is a Caliber 30T1, The uncommon predecessor of the famous caliber 30T2. Only 12000 30T1s were made and a good condition model can be hard to find. This 30T1 has a beautiful orange patina with a great condition movement and large 38mm case.

































Brand New, Vintage


You may wonder how a watch can be brand new despite having been around for over a quarter of a century.

New Old Stock timepieces are few and far between, which is why we consider it a privilege to be able to share the vintage timepieces which are in the exact same condition as the day they left the shop with you. A watch which has no signs of wear at all, has its original box, papers and a caseback sticker is what differentiates new old stock from a regular vintage timepiece. 

These watches can be very hard to find, but are a great opportunity to own a ‘time capsule’ from the past which is why many collectors consider new old stock watches extremely desirable and a great investment.

Quality Time Pieces

Our passion for watches spills over to the way we conduct our business. No watch will ship before we are 100% sure we would be happy to receive the same watch ourselves.

1 year warranty

All of our watches* come with a 1 year warranty* that they will run seamlessly while on your wrist. This gives our customers peace of mind when purchasing from us.

Free Shipping Orders Over $500

We ship all of our watches internationally with DHL on orders over $500 for FREE, making sure your new purchase arrives quickly and safely.

Secure Payment

We offer secure payment methods making sure that all your personal information remains secure and that you’re getting what you pay for.

Mobile Friendly

Our site has been designed so that our customers can view all of our items from their mobile phone making life a bit simpler.

Chat with us

If you have any questions, send us an email and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

Sell Your Watch

Should you wish to sell your watch, We would be more than happy to give you a generous offer on a wide range of brands from many different time periods as well as offer on watchmakers tools, books and spare parts which we would be able to put to good use.

Please fill out our form on the “Sell Your Watch” page, mentioning as much detail as possible for the best quote on the item that you would like to sell.